What are YOU doing for EARTH MONTH?

The Marion County Solid Waste Authority is promoting Earth Day related activities going on in the community during EARTH MONTH (April/May) in Marion County.

If you have an activity planned that you would like promoted through our website or newspaper ads, please email or call our office.

If you would like to hold an EARTH MONTH activity to promote proper disposal, increase recycling, or keep our community clean, please call our office.



  1. Put WV Poison Center Emergency # 1-800-222-1222 in your Phone/Wallet

Get a FREE Proper Medication Disposal Kit! Good for human/pet medications

Free for all residents of Marion County WV and Taylor County WV

Contact the Marion County Solid Waste Authority for your free kit!

Or check out our website at http://www.marioncoswa.org (while supplies last).

Available to everyone! Residents, service groups, churches, offices…

Why proper medication disposal?

  1. Prevent accidental poisonings, especially of children, the elderly, and pets.
  2. Keeps our ground water clean by diverting medication out of the water supply, sewer, and septic.
  3. Discourages teenagers from experimenting with pills.

WV Poison Prevent Month Activities in Marion and Taylor Counties

  • Check out the “The Poisoner’s Handbook” book and DVD at the Marion County Library and Taylor County Library.
  •  If you are interested in a proper medication disposal display, or demonstration contact the Marion Co SWA.

A network for the proper storage, handling, and disposal of waste in Marion County and Taylor County: Marion County Solid Waste Authority, Taylor County Solid Waste Authority, Marion County Litter Control, Marion County Health Department, Marion County Public Library System, Taylor County Library, City of Fairmont Water Treatment Plant, Marion County Farm Bureau, And more… To be a part of Project A.L.E.R.T call us at (304) 825-1976.

FREE 24/7 Recycling Drop-offs in Marion County!

Thank you for RECYCLING!

We are updating our new recycling site map. These are our current drop off locations.

FREE 24/7 Recycling Drop-off at these locations:

Wilson Ford
Barrackville Post Office
MarCoSWA Office at Idamay
Mid City Parking Lot
North Marion High School
Kingmont behind the Pleasant Valley Municipal Building

We accept:

#1 & #2 plastic bottles
Aluminum Cans
Steel Cans
Newspaper & Magazines
****We CANNOT accept glass at this time. Glass is inert and one of the safest items to put in the landfill. Please make sure to put it in a clearly labeled hard-sided container before placing it on top of your trash. Thank you. *******