National Dog Day!

Don’t forget to check our “How to Dispose of almost Everything in Marion County” Handbook to find out about local animal groups that take donations of unwanted items (blankets, cleaners, crates, etc.)  



Marion County Tire Collection 2014

The Marion County Tire Collection 2014 was a huge success!

Total: 4065 Tires and 100’s of rims collected (more than double last year)

150 proper medication disposal kits, 50 proper disposal handbooks, Recycling & Litter Control Pencils… countless recycling and litter information…

In return we got TIRES, smiles, good questions, cute dogs, TIRES, to meet the next generation of recyclers (kids), TIRES with rims, orderly drop offs, friendly people, and TIRES!

A BIG THANK YOU to Bobbi Benson and the Marion County Solid Waste Authority Recycling & Litter Control, WV DEP REAP, Marion County DEP, Marion County Commission and employees, City of Fairmont, Weston Tire & Rubber, our volunteers, and WV Residents who participated.

You make WV and Marion County a great place to live!



Garbage Gyres and West Virginia

Marion County Solid Waste and Recycling Authority and educators at the Marion County Solid Waste, Sustainability, and STEM Workshop in collaboration with NASA’s IV&V Program, had the honor of learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Gyre and how our behavior, even in landlocked WV, can impact the ocean, by following the Orv Alguita 2014 Great Pacific Garbage Patch Voyage.  We learned how solid waste authorities can provide innovative solutions and inspire potential  scientists from guest speaker, Holli Tamas of Granite Bay Energy 

The COORC website would be a great resource for WV Teachers wanting to incorporate solid waste  and recycling into their lesson plans and win one of the WV Recycling Coalition teaching $200 prizes for incorporating recycling themes into any subject area.

The most important acts you can perform for the ocean and your local waterways 1) DO NOT LITTER, 2) Practice proper disposal, 3) Think before you buy


Annual Tire Amnesty Collection – August 23rd

Annual Tire Collection

All sizes of tires and rims accepted

Saturday, August 23th

8:00 am – 3:00 pm

**Old Armory Building**

1516 Mary Lou Retton Dr Fairmont, WV 26554

FREE! to All WV Residents with proper (WV) I.D.

No businesses, please!

Limit 10 Tires per person

*Any resident with large quantities of tires should contact the WV DEP.

 Sponsored by the Marion County Solid Waste Authority, Litter Control & WV D.E.P with the help of our County Commission