Help us to Dispose of (almost) Everything in Marion County

How to Dispose of (almost) Everything …..

The Marion County SWA is updating it’s popular How to Dispose of Everything Handbook (available in downloadable PDF from our website at or in print from our main office). We use the handbook as a reference guide to know who takes what unwanted items (trash, donations, and recycling) and how to properly store and handle it in the meantime. Know one can know how to dispose of every item, but we give it a good try with the help of the many organizations, businesses, and service groups that share their expertise and the contributions of our residents. Everytime you call or ask a disposal question or give us some disposal advice we try to find an answer to add to the handbook.
If you’d ‘d like to update any information in the handbook, please download it here or from our website. Send us the updated information by Facebook messenger, email at with the header “Handbook Update” or call our office. If you would like to participate further, all interested residents and groups are invited to take part in our Recycling & Litter Control Task Force.
Link to Handbook PDF:
We try to make sure that all our information accurate, doable in our county, and has the specific name of the group or organization that takes the item.
Thank you! Marion County is a great place to live because of residents like you.