Congratulations to Litter Control Grant Awardees in Marion County

Congratulations to Marion County Solid Waste Authority Recycling and Litter Control and the City of Mannington for their litter control grant awards. Together we make Marion County a beautiful place to live.

Marion County Solid Waste Authority: $3,000 — The funding will be used for educational items and supplies, litter cameras and advertising for the county litter control program.

City of Mannington: $1,325 — The funding will be used for dumpster and backhoe rental and landfill fees for a fall cleanup.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has granted funding to 28 state solid waste authorities, county commissions and municipalities for litter control programs.  The grants come out of the Litter Control Fund, which is funded by 50 percent of all civil penalties for the unlawful disposal of litter.

The grant amounts ranged from $991 to $3,000, and go toward various program costs, including trash cans, little control projects and supplies, and litter control officer wages and benefits.


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