Marion County Recycling Champions

Marion County Solid Waste Authority would like to thank Resolute Forest Products in Fairmont and Marion County Schools for working together to be Recycling Champions. Resolute Forest Products is working with Marion County Schools to provide recycling.

Marion County Schools Paper Recycling Status Resolute Forest Products are happy to announce that they now have 13 schools in Marion County with specialized paper dumpsters who are recycling with Resolute.  Resolute is proud to partner with each of you and offer a sustainable solution to the growing paper waste created within the school environment as well as giving back to each school in the program!  In 2016, so far they have collected 17.14T of paper material from these 13 schools.  Thank you all for your contributions!!

School Recycling Rankings:

The top four paper recycling schools in Marion County through the end of April 2016 are:

  1. East Park Elementary (Boys and Girls Club)
  2. East Fairmont Middle
  3. East Fairmont High
  4. Barrackville Middle

End of Year Collections: Please take a moment to review the attached flyer which can be displayed around your school.  We are hopeful the reminder will promote recycling of common paper items during your end of year locker and desk clean outs.  We can take whole notebooks, textbooks, notecards, loose papers – if there are binders with paper, you can throw the whole binder in the bin.  Paper clips, staples and spiral bindings are all items we can remove in our process!

BOOK PURGE Reminder: Remember that the textbooks which are about to be purged can also go into the bins to recycle with Resolute!  If you expect a large volume which will lead to bins needing emptied more, please let us know so that Resolute Forest Products and the MCSWA can be prepared to handle material accordingly.