About Marion County SWA

Marion County Solid Waste Authority
1532 Helen’s Run Road
Farmington, WV 26571
Phone: (304) 825-1976
Fax: (304) 825-1977
email: marioncoswa@gmail.com


From the WV Solid Waste Management Board Solid Waste Authority Administrative Guide

On January 1, 1989, new county solid waste authorities (SWAs) were created and
established as public agencies in every county of the state in accordance with W. Va.
Code §§22C-4-3 and 22C-4-4. Counties were given the option of joining together to
form regional SWAs within the same wasteshed, with the approval of the SWMB. Their
purpose is to protect the public health and welfare of citizens by providing for a
comprehensive program of solid waste collection, processing, recycling and disposal.
The Authorities also exist to establish programs based on source reduction, recycling,
reuse, material recovery and lastly, landfilling.

County SWA Membership: County SWAs are managed by a five-member board of
directors appointed as follows: one by the Secretary of the Department of Environmental
Protection (DEP), two each by the county commission, one by the board of supervisors
for the Conservation District (CD) in which the county is situated and one by the
Chairman of the PSC.

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