Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the landfill/city dump?  What are their hours and what do they take?

Neither Marion County nor the City of Fairmont own/operate a landfill/dump. What is available is a Transfer Station.  The transfer station accepts garbage and bulky goods and then transports then to a landfill in another county. For more information please call:

Kingwood Transfer  Station: (304) 329-3235

Suburban Sanitation Transfer Station: (304) 292-5063

Also, material can be taken directly to the landfills in Harrison County.  For more information please call Meadowfill Landfill at (304) 842-2784 or S&S Landfill at (304) 745-3234.

 How do I dispose of paint/paint cans?

Latex paint

Remove the lid and allow the paint to dry.  To speed up the drying process, add cat litter to absorb the paint.  Extra drying time may be required if the weather is rainy or humid.

Oil paint

Either paint on a surface and allow to dry or use cat litter to dry the paint in the can.  Extra drying time may be required if the weather is rainy or humid.

Paint cans

Once all of the paint is dry, bag up the can and dispose of with regular trash service.  Please note that it is illegal for trash haulers to transport liquids so all of the paint must be dry.

How do I dispose of pesticides and other chemicals?

Each chemical has its own proper disposal method.  For environmentally sound disposal, please contact the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Pesticides and Wastes Division at (304) 367-2724 or (304) 368-3950.

How do I dispose of appliances/furniture or white goods?

Working appliances and furniture in good condition

Please donate these items to a local charity.

Broken appliances and furniture in poor condition

Contact your trash hauler and ask about their Bulky Goods Service or dispose of at the Transfer Station or Landfill.

 What are bulky goods?

Bulky goods as defined by the Public Service Commission:

1.8.b     “Bulky goods” means items or materials which cannot be reasonably and conveniently collected during regularly scheduled weekly pickups, including and of the the following discarded items; Refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, microwave ovens, and other appliances; televisions, home computers, air conditioners, bicycles; furniture; waste ties off the rim, having a radius of no more than 16.5 inches, from pickup trucks, from motorcycles, from all-terrain vehicles, and from farm tractors; and other items, not included in the above, that are at least tree (3) feet in length, width, or height or at least fifty (50) pounds in weight.  

“Bulky goods”do not include:(a) automotive components, parts, or frames that weight at least two-hundred (200) pounds each; (b) automotive parts, such as motors and transmissions, that have a high density; (c) hazardous waste; (d) items that can be easily divided and placed into bags, boxes, or other containers, less than three (3) feet high, long, or wide, that, with contents, weigh less than fifty (50) pounds each; and (e) construction and demolition debris generally.

Marion County Solid Waste Authority
Bobbi Benson, Executive Director
1532 Helen’s Run Road
Farmington, WV 26571
Phone: (304) 825-1976
Fax: (304) 825-1977

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