Garbage Service


Garbage Hauling Information

West Virginia Code §22C-4-10 mandates that each household or business must:

(1) Subscribe to, pay for, and use garbage service, or

(2) Provide proof that they have properly disposed of their garbage at an approved solid waste facility EVERY THIRTY (30) DAYS.**

** If you choose option 2 above, please save your receipts from the Landfill or Transfer Station. You may need the receipts to use as proof of proper disposal. **

There are several solid waste haulers or municipalities certified by the WV Public Service Commission to operate in Marion County. They are:

Allied Waste-Republic Services 304- 366-8900

Barrackville Garbage 304-363-1978

D&J Sanitation 304- 278-7930

Enterprise Sanitation, Inc. 304- 622-1740

Mannington Refuse 304- 986-3508

Rachel Garage 304- 986-2575

Smallwood Sanitation So., Inc. 304- 363-4256

Thomas Solid Waste Collections 304- 986-3330

Waste Management  888-905-8898 or 681-456-6977

If you are unsure which solid waste hauler services your area, please call the MarCoSWA Office at 304- 825-1976 for assistance.Please call your hauler for information on proper placement of trash cans and dumpsters.

If your service includes the use of a dumpster, nothing left outside the dumpster will be taken by the hauler. All items must be inside the dumpster. It is against the law to place trash in a dumpster unless the dumpster is on your account. Unauthorized use of a garbage dumpster is a violation of W.Va. Code §61-3-53 and is punishable by fines. Please call the WV DNR at 304- 825-6787 to report unauthorized use of a dumpster.

Solid waste haulers and the general public are able to take loads of household trash and bulky goods to the Transfer Station in Morgantown located in the Morgantown Industrial Park in Westover off of River Road. It is open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm and Saturdays 8:00am – noon. Please call them for more information at 304- 292-5063.

All open vehicles transporting solid waste MUST be covered with a tarp, or secured in another manner, from the point of origin to point of destination or delivery at the Transfer Station. Transporting unsecured, uncovered solid waste in an open vehicle without a tarp is a violation of W. Va. Code §17C-17-6(a&b) and is punishable by fines.

**** To file a complaint about your solid waste hauler, please call the WV Public Service Commission at 1-800-344-5113 or 304- 340-0496 and ask to speak with Bill Flenner or 304- 340-0760 and ask to speak with Steve Kaz.

4 thoughts on “Garbage Service

    • Thank you for your question.

      For the specific answer you will need to call your trash hauler (number provided on our website for reference). If you are in the City of Fairmont, garbage service is provided by the City and does not fall underneath the Solid Waste Authority (County).

      I have called and talked to Republic and they have said that they got behind because of a combination of the weather, the holidays, and new drivers but are getting back on schedule.

      If you have complaints about your trash service, you can submit a complaint to the public service commission (form on our website) to be reimbursed for the days that you paid for service.

      Thank you for being a concerned and responsible citizen

      Bobbi Benson

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