What We Accept for RECYCLING

What is accepted in the Marion County Recycling Program?

All Drop-off Sites accept the following:

Cardboard Containers – PLEASE FLATTEN
Cardboard can include:
Corrugated cardboard Boxes
Cereal & Cracker boxes (please remove liner)
Paper grocery bags




Newspapers & Magazines
Newspapers & Magazines can include:
Newspaper (including any shiny inserts)
Magazines & Catalogs
Phone books



PLASTICS #1 and #2 ONLY –
Please remove all caps – It is OK to leave the labels on
Typical #1 Plastics include:
Clear / Green beverage bottles (water / soda)
Water / Soda / Sports drink bottles
2-Liter drink bottles
Some cleaning product bottles


Typical #2 Plastics include:
Milk jugs
Laundry Detergent bottles
Some shampoo bottles
Some cleaning product bottles



We DO NOT accept: 
#3 through #7 plastics, plastic bags of ANY type, Styrofoam, plastic plates & utensils, buckets of ANY type

Please briefly rinse cans – It is OK to leave labels on
*** Remember, steel cans stick to a magnet ***

Aluminum cans includes:
Soda cans
Beer cans
Juice cans
Sports drink cans
Some pet food cans
Some tuna cans


Steel cans includes:
Soup cans
Vegetable cans
Some pet food cans
Some tuna cans



We DO NOT accept:

milk cartons, ice cream cartons, waxed cardboard,
some frozen food boxes (white on the inside)

Aluminum foil of ANY type, large scrap metals, A/C units, appliances, wire hangers

We do not accept Any type of glass at this time

Marion County Solid Waste Authority
1532 Helen’s Run Road
Farmington, WV 26571
Phone: (304) 825-1976
Fax: (304) 825-1977
email: marioncoswa@gmail.com

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